18Jan 2018
Should I have to move house again (hopefully not) I would use their removal service again without question, FulhamRemovals were the only people in the whole process that I could actually rely on to do their jobs right.
Ingrid Harper
02Oct 2015
I moved last month with FulhamRemovals and I must say that I felt that I was dealing with professionals. They didn't ask me to help with the lifting or anything, as they took care of all of that and had everything sorted. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy and professional removals team.
Joella Hottle
27May 2015
The staff member of Removals Fulham who handled my move did a very good job. He was able to help me move my boxes and furniture, so there was no worry of me hurting myself. He had a van to transport my goods to my new house and he helped to move things into my new home too.
Han C.
27Apr 2015
One of the main reasons that I chose Removals Fulham as my removal company out of so many in the city is that they were the only one to give me a transparent breakup for my removal beforehand. I picked and chose the services I needed and thus paid only for what I needed done. I haven't seen such flexibility elsewhere and would recommend them to anyone who likes to know where their money is going when choosing a service.
27Feb 2015
I used the packing services from FulhamRemovals and received an absolutely brilliant service. Great care was taken with all of my possessions by the staff. The items were packed with care and protected with plenty of bubble wrap. The job was done really quickly and the cost was very affordable.
Mr. Ronald Herns
06Jan 2015
Never thought this company would be as good as they were. Only wanted a cheap van hire deal as I couldn't afford much but was really grateful for all of the extra help that these guys gave me. FulhamRemovals really proved themselves to be a great, local firm with an excellent service record. If I ever need to hire a removals van again, I will know exactly what firm to call.
17Dec 2014
FulhamRemovals - great services, amazing prices, fantastic staff! I have nothing but good words to say about this company. They have been great, through and through. I am so happy with their services and I can't recommend them enough. So if you need professional removal services, I certainly recommend using this company. They are brilliant and their prices aren't bad either. So you will be more than happy with their services for sure. Give them a try and see what you think.
Gary Won
24Nov 2014
I'd like to praise FulhamRemovals for its exceptional packing services, which were delivered at our rather late request! The movers brought with them sturdy cardboard boxes and spent an entire two days packing up all our belongings, while my husband and I were busy at work. It's time we said thank you for all your hard work and dedication, not to mention your trustworthiness. You are by far the most reliable moving firm we have ever used and we're now customers for life.
Susan L.
12Nov 2014
If you are searching for a reputable removal company to move you then call FulhamRemovals now. They did an amazing job for me and at a really affordable price. I had a lot of valuable possessions and was worried about the move. However, nothing was too much for the workers everything was dealt with care and caution. The complete lot was shifted with no loss or breakages. It may also have helped that I had them do the packing too. Using the specialists saved me time and money.
Ralph Hughes
22Oct 2014
FulhamRemovals were nothing short of perfection when they helped me out with their unpacking service. The service was cheap and professional which was all I was asking for really! The unpacking staff worked very quickly to get everything done in just a few hours and I was pleased to find them all professional and friendly as well. I was worried that this would be an expensive service but the cost was excellent and perfect for my small budget! I fully recommend this service if you're like me and hate unpacking after you move house!
18Sep 2014
Moving home is not always a pleasant experience for some as we all know. This time would be different for me as I was leaving the whole job in the capable hands of FulhamRemovals. They have a team of experienced and highly trained staff who make it their utmost priority to please the customer. I watched as they packed some of my items into their truck, always taking care to prevent damage to my belongings. A very reliable and affordable service provided by experts.
Paul Atkinson
16Jul 2014
I have never used a removals company before, but my first experience was a good start! I used FulhamRemovals for a small man and van removal, and it all went really smoothly! The man and van option was easily the most flexible way to do the job over all, and I found that the team that I used were great in terms of ensuring that we got things moved without any difficulty, as well as being as quick as possible! It was fine keeping the cost down, and it all went really smoothly, so I cannot complain!
Ryan Campbell
26Jun 2014
The best moving company I've found for our business has definitely been FulhamRemovals. We have a number of different offices and have been in the process of upgrading them all to slightly bigger premises. As such, we've been needing a bit of professional help and I've been the one placed in charge. Of all the companies who we talked to, there was only one who was able to act in an expert manner at all times and their low prices made them the natural choice. After searching, we'll be sticking with them for a long while yet, I imagine.
Branda Reid
11Jun 2014
An exceptional service was provided by FulhamRemovals. I recommend them highly to everyone and anyone who is in need of moving help for any reason. The job got done rapidly and without hitch - I was very, very happy with their work. All the staff I spoke to were friendly at all times, and were more than happy to field queries or offer constructive input and advice into our planning. I'm ashamed to say we used someone else for packing services because they were a tiny bit cheaper and the company providing them was rubbish and rude.
Dustin Rhodes
21May 2014
I would recommend FulhamRemovals in the strongest possible terms. Never less than courteous and professional, they were here bright and early and got the bulk of stuff packed and loaded in no time at all! It really was blink and you'll miss it stuff, and it meant I overestimated how much time I myself had to get ready! However, again, the staff were accommodating and waited for me to get everything in order without complaint. Really excellent service from a firm who genuinely seem to care about what they do and their customers! Deserve all the praise they get.
William Reilly